Our mission is to deliver high-quality, profitable technology solutions with measurable results. Areas of expertise include:

Our Clients

We’re proud of every one of our customers, partnerships and shared successes. A handful of clients include:

Definition of Quality

noun qual·i·ty \ˈkwä-lə-tē\
a: peculiar and essential character
b: an inherent feature

Perceived quality is a comparison of expectations with performance. We believe blending definitions A and B are the secret to success.

Does your business or organization suffer from poor IT implementation or process quality? Are you looking for outstanding results? Our proven approach to achieving results is your solution!

  1. Identify Organizational Goals

  2. Define Critical Success Factors

  3. Engagement

  4. Solicit Feedback

  5. Implement Continuous Improvements

  6. Quality Reporting

  7. Measure Results

Core Team

Great results begin with a great team. We believe both depth and breadth are essential attributes in a collaborative, cross-discipline environment. Our staff place a high value on the quality of outcomes as well as the process of getting there.

Choosing the right IT partnerships matter because business outcomes matter

Let our team’s unique approach improve your business performance, derive value from IT investments and create a competitive, sustainable advantage.

We're passionate about what we do.

FFI’s business-minded thought leaders enable our clients to run their operations more effectively and efficiently. Our business has grown by remembering to "sweat the details" - taking into account each aspect of our clients’ goals and concerns.

Team-oriented methodologies coupled with industry "best practice" analytics enable customers to run their IT operations effectively and efficiently.

Principal Architect
Wireless Architect
Project Manager
Field/VoIP Engineer
SOA Architect, BPM

Top Talent Welcome

People. Vision. Working together.

Getting started

Imagine working with a group of highly motivated gurus with complimentary backgrounds coming together through shared vision.


Michigan's lower peninsula, Washington DC Metro, Southern/Central California and Baja California (MX) are the markets we staff currently.

It’s all about professional development

FFI provides training opportunities to ensure our affiliates possess critical competencies required to excel in a collaborative environment. We promote a competency-based approach to equip all team members with leadership and technical skills to advance individual career development goals in addition to FFI’s mission and values.

How to submit your resume

We've begun using LinkedIn for this purpose.